Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breeding Chaos


I cannot deny it anymore.

My brain is so full of "things to do", being able to focus on producing anything artistic seems too far to grasp right now. There's a blank canvas sitting on my easel and it's been blank for months now. All I do is stare at it. Funny how that canvas somehow reflects what my imagination IS NOT doing. I have a couple of shows to get ready for and the deadlines are fast approaching. I'm starting to wonder if I'll have anything to put up on the walls by these dates. Honestly, I've had this problem since Hurricane Katrina. Artist's block. No ideas. No inspiration. Nothing. I see the work of others and I think to myself,"what the hell have I been doing?"

Then, I read an article about clutter.

Now, I know the psychological reasoning behind household clutter. Actually, my apartment is not THAT bad, but the rest of my life is. Take, for instance, the office I work in. It is so insanely cluttered that I am ALWAYS trying to find new ways to organize my files and paperwork. This interrupts my ability to get things done. I never want to be there. It takes me forever to get started on things. Also, my car needs to be cleaned out, the trunk in particular. It's really just a bunch of art stuff, but I need to get it out and do something with it all.

I read a comment on someone's blog today and I feel this will stick with me:

Movement is the energy exchange, so uncluttering is MOVING rather than HOLDING. As time frees up and clutter frees up space - there is room for something new.
I absolutely agree. Clutter veils our minds from our best potential. It is a visual portrayal of our psychological chaos. A fellow blogger referenced a friend of his: "Clutter is nothing more than indecision". Yep, I get it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jumping on the "Green" Boat

I've been researching the nation's green efforts.

Which brings me to my next point: I'm in beginning stages of creating a small line of t-shirts. I'd like for them to be on organic cotton or bamboo fabric. Yes, I said bamboo. I found these guys:

Organic Clothing
bamboo, hemp & organic clothing

I'm going to order a small amount of shirts from them and see where it goes.

Any thoughts?