Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...And Things Just Get More Interesting

I did not get a chance to take photos of the Handmade Nation event. I was soooo busy AND I had a flat tire on top of it all! All that aside, I did not sell out, but it was a good time. I sold some magnets, made contacts, & learned more about the DIY movement. It's different. I'm used to creating art and having to think about the archival quality; the paper, framing, storage, blah. The crafty side of art is much more relaxed and eclectic, not stuffy, like a majority of the fine art community. Overall, the experience was nice.

6t'9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club's Halloween parade on Saturday, Oct. 24th. It was a great time as well! Our Dia de los Muertos theme was a hit with the crowd and I surprised myself with my makeup job. That parade was 3 miles long!! I had a lot of candy and felt crappy about that. I really didn't want to hand out a bunch of sugar to kids. Unfortunately, I never made time to create any throws. Mardi Gras......definitely.

Upcoming events for me (most of them are "up in the air"):

Fringe Fest: November 11th - 15th: specifically for me...Saturday, November 14th. There is a parade on St. Claude Ave from Poland Street down to Marigny Street. After party at Hi-Ho Lounge. Someone told me a little while back that we're also doing an art market that coincides with Fringe, but I haven't heard much about it since.

Photography show: December: Exact date pending. I'm having a photography show for my apprentice and occasional partner-in-crime, Sarah. She has some great photos and I want everyone to see them. I also think this will give her some experience with the public as she is considering art as a career. This show is more of a learning experience for her than anything. As soon as I get a date, I'd LOVE for everyone to come show some support for a local, young artist.

One Day Workshop in Relief Printing, Book Arts, & Letterpress: This date is also pending, but we're considering November 21st. Since the holidays are upon us, it is more convenient to have an all-day workshop than spread it out over four weeks. There's actually a few things pending about this, including the price. Just wanted to put the bug in your ear. There may also be a one-day workshop in screen printing.

To top all news, though, is something that happened on Sunday. My friend and I made an impulse buy at a junk shop in my neighborhood. After conducting a small search online, we discovered our prize to be an 1860s Galley Proof Press! Excited? Absolutely! It was in a junk shop! The guy in the shop gave us some story about how people may want it for decor in their gardens, homes, etc. My friend replied, "You're talking to two printmakers here. We plan on using it."
.....and we can't wait!

That's about it for now.