Monday, January 25, 2016

A Slow Time for Prep Work

So let's backtrack a bit with a proper update....

Yes, I was accepted into the Jackalope Arts and Crafts Fair in Phoenix, Arizona. No, I did not accept my acceptance. A new business venture was presented to me a bit earlier than expected so I couldn't say no. All of my time was spent on opening up the new gallery and gift shop so I didn't have any extra time to make anything for Dollhouse Press. That being said, this new role has not been for nothing! I've had an AMAZING time meeting new people, getting closer to friends I haven't spent a lot of time with, and organizing fun and lively events with artists and colleagues who see the bigger picture. Permission was granted to put my marbled notecards and magnets in the shop and I've sold more of my inventory in two months than I've sold in a year's time! I know it was the holidays and all, but damn! I'm not complaining! It gave me a nice little bonus to get some much needed things crossed off of my to do list. Much time has passed between updates, but I am really trying to get better at this.

Since January is typically a slow month in New Orleans for retail, I started prepping more paper for another long run of cards.  I'm also working up some ideas for more paper products. I'd love to get my cards in more local shops around town, two locations at minimum. Working on that as well.
My etching series, Nourish, is not completely off the table. My previous job afforded me the privilege of full access to a print shop. I no longer have this. It is a bit harder to gain access to the proper equipment and supplies needed. Actually, I do have most of the supplies, but doing it at home is a bit tricky. Most of it is toxic and I really do not want to expose myself, my best friend, and our fur babies to improperly ventilated chemicals so I've placed it all on a temporary back burner until I figure something out. I may take the time and bring the images over to the letterpress format, just to get them out there.

I finally got my website up and running! has been live for about 4 months. The infrastructure let me connect my updates on Blogger, but that's it. It does not update itself if I post here. I'm posting in both places until I can work on a solution. The site is pretty basic for the time being, but all the important stuff is there.

Much needs to be done but today, I cut down paper.........and take down these neglected Christmas decorations...geez.