Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Horizon

The planning stages of something big.......

It is challenging to take on an adventure that is potentially life-changing, especially if you have a day job.  Struggling with the energy to be productive after working 7 to 8 hours is my biggest hurdle.  I leave work, get home and after changing clothes, I am just done.  I know I have to stop this sabotaging behavior.  My goal will never be reached if this continues. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I am motivated.  A ton of sketches for projects and lists of supplies and things I have started already fill my studio and have recently bled into my bedroom.  I guess I just feel unorganized in my space although by looking at it, one would think there is a place for everything.  It is hard to work from home.  It is hard for me to be creative in a place, where I associate the words "peaceful" and "relaxing" and "meditative".  Sounds like a nice place to do yoga.  Actually, it is a nice place to stretch out and meditate.  But I do not feel inspired to create things in my home.  Guess I do need a studio space, away from my apartment.  It will come with time.  Meanwhile, I need to figure out a way to juggle everything efficiently, without stressing myself out.

I'm creating wedding invitations for a friend right now.  These are much different than the design I made for Tom and Becky's wedding.  I'll post photos as it all comes together.  Gathering paper and color samples today.

I also have a handful of magnets to make, high resolutions scans to create, postcards to lay out, a fundraising party to plan for a book we're trying to get out, meetings to have with my business goes on and on.  Not really stressing out about it (yeah right!), but I'd love to do most of this during the day.  I am afraid that until money rolls in more smoothly, I am a prisoner to my day job.

I signed up to participate in PhotoNOMA again this year.  Basically an open portfolio review to the public, I've had a positive response from the past two events.  Referring to my previous mention of having too much on my plate, I consider backing out and handing the spot over to a photographer who has the damn time to prep for this thing.  It is a decision I don't take lightly and will have to make by the end of the week.

All of this said, I am desperately trying to find some time this summer to get out of here and relax.  A friend and I want to do this together, but like I keep saying, finding the time to discuss it and make plans.......we're finding it difficult.  This.......will.......happen!!!!