Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Printing for The Balvenie Rare Crafts Roadshow

The etching I created for the Balvenie event came out nice! After Melissa letterpressed the text, I guess I was a bit surprised at how well it looked. I haven't done a drypoint etching in years and on plexi glass......well it's been at least a decade! Since I printed the decorative part of the print, I really didn't want it to be too definitive. I used a light brownish-orange for the color. Looks pretty good!

What sucked a little was that we didn't have a capital "S" for Sauce, so we had to elaborate hence the word "Glaze" in the title. It bothered me at first but when you actually read the whole title together, it doesn't sound too bad.

I don't usually use plexi glass when doing any kind of printmaking. That in mind, I did manage to forget what kind of matrix I was using. After I ran my first proof, I mindlessly decided to use acetone to clean my plate off. Mistake!! Of course, I realized my mistake as soon as I started rinsing it off. Yeah, acetone eats plexi glass.......why did I forget about that!? Concerned that I screwed up big time, I set it aside and prayed. When I inked it back up the next day, I prayed again. I mean we were going to be on camera and I certainly didn't want to make an ass of myself. As I pulled the print off of the press, a smile came across my face. SUCCESS!! No crazy marks from the acetone or from me running my fingernails across the plate. Whew!

I started running an edition at 10:00am. The film crew didn't show up on my side of the studio until 4:00pm. Basically, I had a lot of time to print........and I did.

Our thank you/parting gift from The Balvenie was a 17 year old bottle of scotch whisky. Oh boy! I have no plans to drink it anytime soon. Special occasions ONLY!

We have about 75 prints! Seventy-five hand-pulled prints..........of a recipe. They are all for sale in the gallery. So, if you are an art lover and can appreciate the fine art of printmaking, then it really doesn't matter what the subject is, does it? Come check them out and buy one!

We took photos with Balvenie Brand Ambassador, Andrew Weir. I served bread pudding to him and Melissa and we took a bite while cameras rolled. Kinda cheesy, I know. But we had a fantastic time!!

Who knew I'd find a new appreciation for scotch whisky!?