Monday, March 8, 2010

Things are Happenin'

Yeah, Louisiana is well-known for its festivals and events. I'd like to make more of an effort to either attend the following list or actually sign up for a booth to sell stuff.

Thank you Gambit Weekly for all the dates and info.


*St. Patrick's Day Parade in the French Quarter on March 12th. I usually go to the parade in the Irish Channel, mainly for two reasons: 1. I used to live there, and 2. My ex-neighbor has a kick ass party every year, right on the parade route. Unfortunately, I think I have to work that Saturday, the I'm gonna try to go the one in the Quarter on the 12th.
*Downtown Irish Club's St. Patrick's Day Parade in the Bywater on March 17th. Ok, for those that know me, this is obvious; I live in the Bywater so I wanna check it out. Love me some Marigny/Bywater events!
*Super Sunday on Bayou St. John on March 20th. I MISS THIS EVERY YEAR!!! Why? Don't ask. Maybe because I always forget about it. Hopefully, not this year!
*Fete Francaise at Ecole Bilingue, Uptown on March 20th. Always wanted to see what that's about. I know about the school and I love the French Immersion idea.....A LOT. I have no kids but it's Ecole and the International School that have my support right now.
*Earth Fest, March 20th and 21st. I think this is at Audubon Park. If they have a booth option, I'm there.


*Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, LA, April 9th - 11th. Dammit, this is the same weekend as French Quarter Festival. I'm gonna have to choose on this. FQ Fest may win though....right down the street from my neighborhood. But, if you're looking for something different and a small road trip.....GO! I haven't been for years! Strawberries GALORE!!!!


*Louisiana Corn Festival, June 11th - 13th in Bunkie, LA. Yeah, Bunkie is about 2.5 hours away from here, BUT.....I went to this festival often as a child and boy let me tell you, they have some great stuff! All corn-related, but great stuff. Need to ask my mom how it's been over the years. I guess that will be my deciding factor.
*French Market Tomato Festival, June 12th and 13th....French Quarter. This is my other option if I don't go to Bunkie that weekend.


*San Fermin in Nueva Orleans, July 9th - 11th. Ok, I think I'm gonna miss the Running of the Bulls this year. My cousin is getting married so I won't be in town on the 10th. But....I do want to go to some of the crazy events around town while this is going on. Crazy New Orleanians! We can't help it.


*White Linen Night, August 7th. Mainly in the Arts District but I've known galleries around town to have shows that coincide with it. I'm gonna try like hell to have some art going on for this....somewhere.....heads up.
*NOLA Red Dress Run, August 14th. I think this is in the French Quarter. I wanted to go last year. I can't remember what happened that made me do otherwise. Yes, it's a "run" where everyone has to wear a red dress.....women AND men. Don't be shy! It's New Orleans.....we don't care, dude!
*Dirty Linen Night, August 14th. Royal Street's counter-event to White Linen Night. May try to have a show at the Art Lofts that night too. We'll see. Just like the weekend before, I want to have my art out somewhere.
*Krewe of Oak's Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, August 28th. This happens in the Riverbend/Uptown area and I walked in it last year and had a friggin' blast. Actually, any and everyone can walk in it. Seemed to be more like a pub crawl, but with brass bands and dance troupes added into the mix. Definitely a time to be creative with costuming....but then again, costuming is optional year round down here.


*Art for Art's Sake, October 2nd, City-wide. Like White Linen Night, only the city as a whole has events going on. This isn't just for the Arts District, although they will say it belongs to them. I have my opinions about it and really don't care to voice them here and now. Yet another time to have my work out somewhere.
*NOLA Film and Video Fest, October 14th - 21st. City-wide. There's usually a nice plethora of independent films.
*Voodoo Experience, October 29th - 31st, City Park. Yeah, honestly this music festival is too big for me nowadays. I enjoyed it a lot more when it was smaller and at Marconi Meadows. BUT....if you have a nice craft and can afford a booth, you will sell shit. No lie. I have a few friends who did it last year....can't remember if it was successful or not, but I wanna say yes.


*Mirliton Festival, November 6th in the Bywater (Markey Park). I wanted to set up a booth last year, but couldn't really find anyone to split it with me. I'm hoping that someone, or two, comes through for me this year. Why not?
*New Orleans Fringe Theater Festival, November 17th - 21st. City-wide but focused around the Marigny/Bywater area. Fringe theater everywhere! Puppet shows, one-man shows, acrobats, parades, weird stuff and funky stuff. Need to get into the little art market with this one.....was supposed to this past year.....I was not feeling great that day so I didn'! This year, I plan on it.


Not much I care to see during this month except maybe Celebration in the Oaks at City Park. It's an on-going event, all month long, and the lights are pretty fantastic. For the kid in all of us. Other than that, I do know there are a million art markets around this time of year. I'm definitely hitting up a few of them to sell stuff. I guess I'll keep you updated on that.

....and just to plug something here......

A friend of mine opened up a great little coffee shop at 2401 Burgundy Street last week. Who Dat Coffee Cafe will have a Grand Opening somewhere around French Quarter Fest weekend (April 9th - 11th). I'll keep you posted. My magnets and hair sticks are there for sale and soon, I'll have prints and photography. Until then, they are open for business so stop in, grab a cup and say hello.