Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catching Up


This whole summer has been a blur!  Between summer camp and dealing with a ridiculous amount of drama at work, I am exhausted.

My friend's wedding invitations were put on hold.  As a matter of fact, the wedding was put on hold.  So obviously, that did not get accomplished.

The magnets I haven't addressed yet, but I have decided to go forward on a book project with a friend.  We are almost ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign, just missing the music to accompany the video.  More information on that later.

I decided to give up my table at PhotoNOMA.  At the time, I just had too much going on.  It was a wise decision I believe.

A vacation has not materialized yet either.  My progress is like a hot New Orleans summer, slow.

Note to self: update this thing more often!  Geesh!