Saturday, October 22, 2011

Opportunity and Filling the Wallet

I really need to keep this thing updated more frequently.

I've been working on magnets and slowly getting prints framed via acceptance into shows. Can't complain too much.

I stopped by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum on Wednesday with a fellow printmaker. She currently has prints for sale in their gift shop. After much conversation, the guy behind the desk expressed interest in getting more local artists into the shop. My colleague mentioned me as an artist and the ice broke. I don't do much in the realm of food or drink themed work, but I'm not against it. When I mentioned that I do fleur de lis magnets, he gave me his card and asked me to email him some images. Wow! My magnets in a SECOND location!?? That's pretty sweet! The museum is also located in a nice tourist-y spot downtown so here's to hoping this works out for the better (although they are relocating soon). I may end up in production mode soon.

Thursday evening, R.H.I.N.O. Contemporary Art Gallery had their opening reception of the "Muses" show. I was in it. So were other friends. I gave them the Vitruvian Man print. Everyone seems to like it. At $175.00, my fingers are crossed that it sells. Yeah, the magnets are a nice little money maker, but I'd love to focus on my printmaking more and get some income coming in from what I went to school for.

Which brings me to my broke status.....

Tomorrow (and possibly this evening), I plan on taking nice photos of all of my work; prints, paintings, crafty stuff, etc. I think I may open an Etsy account to try to sell my work. I'll also set something up locally as well. I have to move my work. It just sits in my apartment gathering dust, wishing it had a better life making someone's home more colorful and artsy. And yes, I may have to move it all at discount. I have no money to rent a car for the trip home during Thanksgiving. My bills are barely staying afloat. Something has to give here. I'm trying not to sell my belongings, which I considered.

I'll keep you posted. An art sale coming soon!