Thursday, December 25, 2014


A whirlwind of a year.....just flashed by without a damn warning!

Many, many things have happened.  An art collective website launch, art shows, public art exhibits, markets, moving, restructuring the jewelry line, summer camp, work, new prints, etc.  It is really so much to talk about so I may just break it down into a small hand full of posts.  That way I'm not boring anyone silly because most of the time, I can talk A LOT when I get going.

Plus, really, who's actually reading this thing......3 people?

So let's see, here's a list of updates for the next couple weeks:

* What's up with me and 65+ local New Orleans artists with Where Y'art
* Thoughts on possible steps to do larger craft markets around the U.S.
* AxiomNOLA's big restructure announcement
* New work, new "official" business ventures

So on and so forth...

Tonight, Christmas Evening of 2014, I find myself sitting in the living room at my grandmother's house with my mom.  We are watching "Julie & Julia", about Julia Childs.  I've never seen it, she has.  This movie only confirms my love and admiration for cooking......and also reminded me that I need to keep this blog updated.  It is an important aspect of my art and art-making process, allowing me to think some things through (and possibly over-think them), but who's keeping track? (me)  So all of that being said, I have to add the blog to my to-do list of internet-related work, along with social media, website updates on inventory, and correspondence with markets and future colleagues.  I feel I may need to implement a calendar for the upcoming year.

I leave you tonight with a photo of the view from where I'm sitting.  The tree used to be larger and has been downsized over the years, but my grandmother never lets a Christmas go by without it.  Looking at it reminds me of family and waves of memories flood my head of past holidays in this house as a kid and an adult. It's nice and it's comforting and for some reason, it gives me a rush of confidence to keep going and doing what I love to do because time doesn't wait for anyone.

I will end this post with that thought.

Best Holiday Wishes!!