Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Selfless Promotion.....

I got an email today from, an online printing company. They started a campaign in the name of trees! I'm jumping on board because....well....I care about trees. Yeah yeah, I'm a printmaker and papermaker so why would I give a hoot about trees? Well, these giants of the forest are what keep my artwork in business. I also love to admire them when they're standing tall in all their glory. I'm also a firm believer in the whole "take one down, plant another" concept, so yes, definitely jumping on board.

It's simple really:

For every click on this link

A tree will be planted in that click's honor.

So, click away my dear friends!!!!!

Oh, I also posted this link permanently on my sidebar (to the left) so if you're ever in the mood......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Week.......

....Sell-outs - I have no time for them.

You know, those people who stand beside you, struggle with you, hold conversations about how pretentious the art community can be and express gratitude they are not in that percentage of haughtiness? Then, after making a few bucks and landing a show on Julia Street.....all bets are off. Their attitude is different. They believe they are "better". They have no time for you or your silly little art projects. A show in the Bywater? Nah, I'd rather stay on a "professional" level. What the hell is wrong with you? What exactly are you saying about EVERY artist who lives AND works in that part of the city, MY part of the city? Hey, I had my work up in an Uptown gallery, but you'll never hear of me believing I'm too good to exhibit anywhere. My theory is this: a show is a friggin show. Exposure is exposure. I'll take whatever card is dealt. You really just never know whose wallet will show up.

Those people piss me off.

Either you are a part of the revolution or part of the establishment, you choose, but don't expect me to have any respect for you if your blood runs thick with contradiction.