Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mental Fuzziness

I am in artistic disarray right now.  

I have no clue which project to focus on, what deadline to meet first (you would think it's the one looming over my head) or whether or not to ditch activities with friends in order to get shit done.  I can't decide: work on my paintings, turn those sketches into prints, pump out some magnets, work on one of the three projects that NEED to be finished within the next week, learn how to sew (no, I do not know how....stop laughing) or just shut the hell up.  A friend of mine said it perfectly today; "When I get to an indecisive point in whatever I'm making, I walk away, thinking,'oh I'll just get to it later'".  Wow!  That's precisely what I'm feeling!  My focus is off.  Way off.  I'll quit doing something that's near genius and, well I don't know, start washing my dishes (mainly because I can't stand to see dirty dishes in the sink).....or talking to my cat or calling my best friend.....or......update a blog.

Maybe I should entertain you for a brief moment on some random thoughts:

Random thought #1:
I find people completely annoying.  It's in the details really.  

Random thought #2:
Not so sure I want kids.  I thought I did, with me about to hit my mid-30s and all.....but......I think I'd be completely fine with none.  Or, I'll just adopt. 

Random thought #3:
I need an art studio that I can actually close off from the rest of my dwelling.  I'm constantly worried that my cat, Sasha, is going to swallow/eat/taste/play with something she has no business messing with.  It is a silly, yet not so unrealistic, fear.

Random thought #4:
I need a F*$@ING vacation!!!!!

Bored you yet?

Ok, list for the next seven days:
*finish a friend's stamp design
*create a drypoint etching for a hand-printed recipe (this needs to be done in more like 4 days)
*make 20 more magnets
*seal/varnish two paintings

I think that's enough to keep me busy on the artistic front.