Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Re-Defining My Discipline

When asked what my discipline is, I usually answer "printmaking" without hesitation. It is what I studied in college, my concentration, and where my focus has been since 1998. I LOVE being a printmaker and sharing traditional methods with those who are curious. However, I find that as I evolve as an artist, so is my discipline......ringing to the tune of more than one of them.

I enjoy far too many artistic mediums to simply limit myself to one. I look around my little makeshift workshop at home and there are shelves full of potential: printmaking inks, oil paints, book art supplies, jewelry-making loot, paper and fabric for upcycled projects, the list goes on and on. After evaluating this reality, I've been looking closely into redefining myself as an artist....at least on paper.

This is something I've played around with in my head for some time, but it really didn't bubble to the surface until a week ago. I saw a video interview of and interdisciplinary designer. I forgot her name already. She designs home accessories, but also finds time to do poster design as well. She said she didn't like being put in a box and that it was ok to do several mediums. I'd thought this exact thing before, but it was in this moment I had a finalizing revelation: I am no longer JUST a printmaker. I am also a painter, a photographer, and a paper artist....among others. Mentioning this "Aha" moment was not surprising to a few friends, who all just responded with,"Uh, yeah.....you've been multidisciplinary for a while now." I mean, the light bulb has always been on inside my head, but that video just made it shine brighter.

I've been looking for a way to describe myself to others, ESPECIALLY since the Little Universes show. "What medium is it?" people ask. Well, I certainly can't tell them it's printmaking.

I found this little diddy the other day on Daric Gill Studios' blog site. It's broken down well...just in case you are also wondering where you might fit in.

So, it is safe to say that I will be changing my bios and such to reflect myself as a multidisciplinary artist now, instead of Tish Douzart, Printmaker.