Friday, October 28, 2016

Website/Blog Update

I let my subscription on my website host expire so does not currently work. I'm trying to figure out something else. I do still own the domain so that is not going anywhere!

So, what the hell has Tish been up to?

I'm still managing CJ Nero Gallery, a cute little gallery and gift shop in the Marigny. It's much less stressful and if there is any stress, it's the good kind. I am much happier here and I believe everyone is happy for me. We've had some great art shows, parties, and art classes since we opened and we have plans for so much more!

I had an art show in August, titled Little Universes. I finally took the leap and experimented with encaustics and mixed media! Everything exceeded my expectations! Granted, I had a few pieces that I struggled with, but who doesn't? So far, five pieces have new homes. I've developed a better sense of appreciation for my craft and look forward to further experimenting on future pieces.....hopefully much larger than before.

Halloween is Monday. I say that to remind myself that the holidays are pretty much here. Sigh. I need a couple of production days soon so I can bump up the inventory a bit. Anticipating it to be a good year! I know I've made some unfulfilled promises to myself over the last 12 months. I need to remember that things happen when the moment is right and some things are not meant to happen. But before I get too deep here...

Gonna leave it to that for right now, but I felt a quick update was in order. Things are moving around and switching over so I'll be back here on Blogger until I can figure it out.

I leave you with a few photos of my new work.

Photos courtesy of Photo credit: Josh Brasted